Voters Cast Ballots In Peoria

Alpha Media/Ryan Piers

Voters took to the polls on Tuesday, each with their own reason for casting a ballot.

Jerry James of East Peoria made sure his voice was heard at the polls.

James said, as a retiree, the state’s pension crisis most concerns him.

“I think we have got some challenges ahead but we’ve obviously had some challenges for a long time. Being a retiree I think it’s important that I voice my opinion about that,” he said.

James said he was also personally interested in the governor’s race.

“I think we all need to get out and be able to voice who we think is the best person to run our state,” James said.

Peoria resident Joe Meyers was particularly interested in the governor’s race during Tuesday’s primary. He was one of about 500 voters to cast their ballot at First English Lutheran Church in Peoria, which covers four districts.

“Sometimes I vote straight and sometimes I vote both ways. It’s to get the person in there to do the right job.”

Meyers says in the American democracy, everyone is – in his word – supposed to go out and vote.



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