Tazewell County Woman Treated For Rabies After Bite

OSF HealthCare

A Tazewell County woman is being treated for rabies exposure after being bitten by a bat. The bat tested positive for rabies.

Bats are still active this time of year, increasing the possibility of exposure to rabies. The Tazewell County Health Department is reminding residents to avoid bat exposure and to vaccinate pets for the disease.

To date, 81 bats in Illinois have tested positive for rabies, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Health officials say you cannot tell if a bat is rabid just by looking at it, but it is likely to be sick if it is active during the day or found on the ground and unable to fly. Bats should not be handled.

Rabies attacks the nervous system of humans and other animals. Humans can get rabies if bitten or scratched by an infected animal.

Call your physician if you are bitten or scratched by a wild animal.

More information from the Tazewell County Health Department is HERE.



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