Summer Camp Helps Environment

Alpha Media's Ryan Piers

On the outside, motorists passing by Summer Camp see the lights and hear the music. But on the inside, groups work hard to keep the camp grounds clean.

Farmington resident Michael Allen works for a nonprofit that distributes small plastic packs for cigarette butts. He says one of the main environmental violations at music events is people smoke and drop their cigarette butts on the ground.

He hopes they’ll keep them in the packs instead.

“This is my home town fest and I just want people to treat my backyard nicely,” he said.

Alpha Media’s Ryan Piers

With an expected 20,000 people to attend the festival, trash can pile up quickly. So Summer Camp uses the Green Team, a group of volunteers, to help music lovers sort what can be decomposed and what is trash.

“We’re diverting a lot of trash and compostable items from going into landfills,” volunteer Lauren Loisi said. She’s been helping out for eight years.

Tickets to Summer Camp for Sunday can be purchased here.

One of the environmentally friendly additions to Summer Camp is permanent.

Soul Patch is permaculture program that is built each Summer Camp. But the environment, which consists of natural oven and garden will stay at Three Sisters Park throughout the year.

“Basically turning it over as an asset to the community for education around gardening techniques, permaculture and natural building techniques,” Soulshine Manager at Summer Camp Nick Algee explained.

He says classes will be held year round for those who want to learn more about the lifestyle.

Alpha Media’s Ryan Piers


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