Pekin Woman’s Book Addresses Suicide

25 News

(From 25 News) – A Pekin nurse is gaining attention after writing a memoir that addresses suicide.

Rita Klundt said her first husband, Jack, took his life in 1984 while their children were very young.

Klundt wanted to create something for them to remember their father, but she also didn’t want to hide the truth.

Her book, “Goliath’s Mountain” is a love story, with series of stories intertwined that illustrate her late husband. It also shows those affected by suicide, that the healing process takes time.

Klundt said she hopes her book helps anyone struggling emotionally, to understand they aren’t alone.

For those who couldn’t be saved, she wants their families to feel support through the experience she shares as well.

“How do I tell someone that you’re gonna be fine? Just because you’ve had a love one commit suicide, you’re gonna be fine?” Klundt said. “At the same time send a message to the person who’s contemplating taking their life, no, that’s not the answer.”

Klundt said that while it was a challenge and took her about 5 years to publish the book, she feels empowered and hopeful that something in her book may strike a cord with a reader and help them through a tough time.

The holidays are especially difficult for Klundt, too, and she recognized that many families experience grief during this time of year, being forced to remember that there loved one is no longer around.

She shared some of the words her late husband would tell her.

“My former husband used to say ‘You’d be better off without me. You’ll be fine without me,'” Klundt said. “At the time I thought he’s telling me I’m strong. I didn’t see that as a clue as to what was going on in his heart and in his mind.”

Klundt said it’s extremely important for families and friends to pay attention to words and mannerisms; explaining that signs are not always as black and white as they may think – they’re often very subtle.

She also decided to take a risk outside of publishing the very personal book.

Acknowledging that she is not a psychologist or therapist, Klundt said she still wants to continue helping others, and has decided to use her book website as an outlet for her readers to contact her. Klundt said the website should be in operation in about a week.

Klundt said she plans to offer prayer and support for those who may need it. She wants everyone who reads her book to know they have someone to turn to.

Goliath’s Mountain is available in major book retail stores and online HERE.



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