Pay Raise For Peoria City Manager Approved


(WEEK)-Peoria’s City Council has approved a raise for the City Manager in a 9 to 2 vote after a meeting Tuesday night. That means Patrick Urich will see about a 2% increase in his paycheck.

However, this comes at the same time Peoria is making cuts to other public resources. But, according to Urich, some council members insisted he accept the increase. In fact, for two years Urich says he declined getting a raise to help reduce the city’s debt. Now, though. he says he plans on accepting the estimated $3,700 raise this year.

A few Council Members spoke on the matter at Tuesday’s meeting, with reactions varying from saying the raise is merited, to another saying the city just doesn’t have the money for it.

“I’ve worked with 6 plus other city managers in the time I’ve been on the Council, but not a single one had the skill set the current City Manager has,” shared Council Member at Large Eric Turner.

“I voted against contract extensions because they had pay raises attached. I did not feel and still do not feel we can afford those pay raises and we have not resolved our short term or long term budget problems,” countered Council Member at Large Zach Oyler.

Oyler voted against the raise, along with District 4’s Jim Montelongo.



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