Notre Dame Cathedral Recently Visited By Chillicothe Family

As the world reacts with shock, horror, and prayers to the massive fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, so does a local family who just visited Paris in March.

Samantha Forsythe and her husband Justin of Chillicothe, were at the Notre Dame cathedral on March 28th.

Samantha tells 1470 & 100.3 WMBD, the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris was an amazing and beautiful building.

The Forsythe’s remember from their visit, it was a working cathedral with people praying. The church had beautiful stain glass windows and the walls were made of stone. Samantha noticed there places were the stone had fallen away from age, and were filled in with wood. She too believes that that the roof was made of all wood.

Samantha says, her family is shocked, and thinks how crazy it is after being there an only few weeks ago, that such a tragedy has occurred.

Samantha is saddened that her daughter will not have the same amazing experience of visiting the historic Cathedral.


(Photo cred Samantha Forsythe)



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