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Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Canyons of Your Mind

Last week when I played the new song from Indie Rockers Death Cab For Cutie, I mentioned they took their name from a band out of the UK called Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band. Greg And Dan had never heard of them before, so though it would be appropriate to play a bit of one of their songs this morning. I guess you could say, they were England’s answer to Frank Zappa And The Mothers of Invention.

Gang of Youths The Heart Is A Muscle

These guys hail from Sydney Australia where they are massive. I’m a suck for great anthems and these guys nail it on their U.S. debut “Go Farther In Lightness”. I think we’ll be talking about them over the next few years.

St.Paul And The Broken Bones Apollo

St Paul And The Broken Bones are a 6 piece soul band out of Birmingham, Alabama fronted by lead vocalist Paul Janeway. Their 3rd album “Young Sick Camilla” gets released September 8, 2018.



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