Music Monday With Marc


We are back to presenting New Music on The Greg And Dan Show and some strong new music came out over the last few weeks, so let’s get to it.

Prince ( Piano And A Microphone (1983)

Just after the 1982 Prince album 1999 launched Prince into a whole other atmosphere in pop music and well before the release of the seminal Purple Rain album and film. The Purple Yoda alone in his home (pre-paisley park) with a piano and a microphone plus a cassette recorder. He noodled on ideas and improv-ed songs for a whole uninterrupted 35 minutes. If you are a Prince fan, this is the proverbial fly on the wall moment for you. You can hear him work, a peek inside how he went about things. I absolutely love this. Here’s a very early version of Prince and Purple Rain that lasts a little bit over 90 seconds.

Mumford And Sons ( – Guiding Light (2018)

The UK band broke into the international spotlight with their debut Sigh No More (2009-2010) and help break that new pop/folk sound to the mainstream. Their new album, Delta is released on November 18, 2018, here is the first single from that new album. Expect to see them tour endlessly in 2019.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts ( – Fresh Start (2018)

Joan Jett has ruled rock since her days in the The Runaways and in the 80’s she was a force to be reckoned with. She recently turned 60 and in September you can see a documentary on her life in Rock And Roll called Bad Reputation. She recently released a new song to pair nicely with the documentary. It’s pure Joan Jett!



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