Morton Chamber Reacts To Carnival Mishap

Photo: Facebook/Fesse Junk

The Morton Chamber of Commerce says it is taking “very seriously” a carnival accident that occurred Saturday during the Morton Pumpkin Festival.

Eyewitnesses took to Facebook to talk about the alleged incident on the ride called the Rock O’Plane.

The ride moves similar to a Ferris Wheel, however, the separate caged cars also spin around.

Witnesses say the door of one of the cars either failed to lock or flipped open while the ride was in motion. The girl inside the car was flipped a full loop and back and forth several times, meaning she was upside down with the door open.

A man who, according to one Facebook post, works on machinery safety mechanisms, tried to help get the ride stopped but claimed there was no emergency stop.

The ride was eventually stopped and the girl was rescued, apparently unharmed.

The girl’s name and age were not available.

Morton Chamber of Commerce CEO and Executive Director, Leigh Ann Brown, issued the following statement:

“Morton Chamber of Commerce takes pride in hosting the annual Pumpkin Festival to provide a safe and fun community celebration. We are very aware of the carnival incident and take this situation very seriously. We have communicated to the carnival owner and others along with continuing our investigation. Additional information will be released once we know how this incident occurred and what actions will be done for additional safety measures. The safety of the children at the festival and all festival attendees is our number one concern.”



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