Meeting Focused On School Spending Bill


(WEEK) — The bill that many believe would fix the unequal distribution of school funding across the state, went to governor Bruce Rauner’s desk Monday.

With that, the waiting game is on to see what Governor Rauner does with the bill.

Meanwhile, Democrats in support of Senate bill one came together for a town hall meeting in Peoria.

From school officials to concerned parents, over a hundred turned out to ask questions and express concerns regarding Senate bill one and the lack of funding for education.

During the meeting, many agreed that the state’s twenty-year old system is broken and un-fair in the way it disperses money to Illinois’ school districts.

Those for the bill argue it would help give funding where it’s needed.

25 News caught up with comptroller Susana Mendoza who ‘writes the checks’ when it comes to the state’s money.

She says Illinois is a state divided, but is discouraging that it has affected children.

“We need to be rooting for each other, instead of tearing each other apart we should be building each other up,” said Mendoza. She said Senate bill one “provides fairness to every child in Illinois. We should not, especially as adults be pitting children against children depending on what their zip code is. It’s wrong,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza also says time is of the essence since funding needs to go out to school districts soon.

That’s so that those school corporations don’t have to dip into their rainy day funds.



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