Louisiana Student Picks Eureka College From Over 100 Offers

Jamel Wright

The search for a college to attend had gone viral for a Louisiana high school student. The search ended Thursday when Antoinette Love signed a scholarship offer from Eureka College.

Jamel Wright

Love had submitted applications to 115 colleges and was accepted everywhere she applied. She also received nearly $4 million in scholarship offers.

“(Antoinette) talked about the small class size, the personal attention and the fact that we really do individualize and allow students to customize their educational experience,” said Eureka College President Jamel Santa Cruze Wright.

Love earned a 3.7 GPA at International High School in New Orleans and was involved in the National Honor Society, English Honor Society and Rho Kappa social studies honor society.

“She wants to major in education,” Wright said, “however she’s also interested in environmental science. She’s also a very great and fantastic artist, so she wants to pursue those types of studies as well.”

Jamel Wright

Wright also passed along part of a conversation she had with Love’s mother, Yolanda.

“She had mentioned that at one time Antoinette said she wanted to be President of the United States,” Wright said. “I was able to tell her that we graduated one of those once upon a time.”

Eureka College is recognized as the alma mater of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

“We are one of only 23 colleges to ever grant a bachelors degree to a future President of the United States, the only one in the state of Illinois and, by far, the smallest of those 23,” Wright said.

The Eureka College campus features the Reagan Peace Garden, which includes a piece of the Berlin Wall, and the Reagan Museum located inside the Donald B. Cerf Center.

Love said Wright was the only college president to call her and her family personally during her selection process.

“Never underestimate the power of the personal,” Wright said. “That is something at Eureka College we pride ourselves in and it comes from a very genuine place. That’s who we are.”



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