Local Students Participate In Sit-Ins

Alpha Media Ryan Piers

Students at local schools are holding sit-ins Wednesday.

Richwoods High School students will sit in the hallways at 10 a.m. for 17 minutes, in honor of the 17 Parkland students who died in last month’s shooting.

Principal Brett Elliott says the students will stay inside because of safety reasons.

“People knowing a lot of kids across the nation will be standing outside at the same time, that made us a little cautious,” Elliott said.

Elliott worked with multiple students to organize the event and does not consider it a protest. Other Peoria Public Schools and area schools have discussed holding similar sit-ins or walk-outs.

Richwoods will be selling orange t-shirts that read “See something, say something” on the back.

“National Walkout/ Sit-in” with a peace sign and the words “The standard of excellence” are written on the front.

They are being sold for ten dollars with the money potentially supporting improved school safety technology.

“It’s just a way for the students and the staff to show their support for the victims of Florida,” Elliott said.

Elliott said participation in the sit-in is voluntary.

“If you can teach these young students, who are vibrant, how to effectively communicate their thoughts in a peaceful way, I think that’s kind of our job in public schools to provide that platform,” Elliott said.

Richwoods is planning a school-wide presentation on school safety that will feature outside professionals in April.



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