Larry King Speaks To Bradley Students, Donates To BU

Alpha Media Ryan Piers

Larry King was at Bradley to give in more ways than one.

The famous broadcaster was on the hilltop Tuesday to give advice to students at the Charley Steiner Symposium, as well as donate $1 million to the university for communications scholarships.

“I can’t take it with me and I want to support a good cause,” King said. “So I’ll deliver the check personally here.”

King received an honorary degree from Bradley in 2009.

King was first introduced by friend and 1971 graduate, Charley Steiner. Steiner is a Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster and former ESPN personality.

“He brought me out here for an honorary degree,” King said. “I loved the school and I loved meeting the people. And then when he started this school of sports journalism and asked me to come to these seminars, I thought it was a terrific idea.”

King never went to college, but described higher education as “very important.”

The money is specifically targeted at minorities and helping underprivileged students earn a degree who are majoring in communications.

“Because minorities need more breaks,” King said.

Before meeting Steiner and earning his honorary degree, King knew little about Peoria.

“Bradley, Bradley basektball teams in the past, Caterpillar,” King said. “But there is something about Peoria and the heart of America. I like coming here.”

Like Steiner, King wants to see the Bradley sports communications program grow and compete with bigger schools.

As for King’s advice to students, “What I tell kids, if you want to, stay with it. It beats work. This is not work if you are in sports communications. You are living out a dream.”



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