Kaboom! Ranked #1 Mascot Among NCAA Tournament Teams

Bradley University Athletics

Bradley is number one in the NCAA Tournament. At least its mascot, Kaboom!, is.

Charles Curtis, writer for “For the Win” as part of USA Today, ranked Kaboom! his number one mascot among the 68 NCAA tourney teams.

“Seeing a team like Bradley with the Braves nickname and then this gargoyle named ‘Kaboom!,’ it was just so quirky and fun that, that’s the winner this year,” Curtis told 1470 and 100.3 WMBD. “You have all these other mascots, a gargoyle really stuck with me throughout the week.”

This is the fourth year Curtis has ranked the 68 NCAA Tournament teams based on nicknames and mascots.

“Everybody’s got the Wildcats, everybody’s the Panthers or Tigers, whatever it might be, but a gargoyle as a mascot? That’s unique,” Curtis said.

Curtis admits his annual rankings have “stirred people up” before the NCAA Tournament.

“It really gets people happy or really mad,” Curtis said. “People reach out to me on social media and say, ‘How dare you?’ That’s what sports is all about. I’m throwing out my opinions, you can agree or disagree with it, but make sure you’re reading it.”

By the way, the mascot for Michigan State, Bradley’s first round NCAA opponent, is ranked sixth.

You can see Curtis’ complete ranking of NCAA Tournament teams HERE.



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