Jerry Brady Described As “Friend” And “Mentor”

1470 & 100.3 WMBD/Ed Hammond

Peoria County State’s Attorney Jerry Brady is being remembered as compassionate and humble and also as a friend and a mentor.

Brady passed away peacefully at his home Thursday at the age of 70.

Asst. Peoria Police Chief Mike Mushinsky said Brady was his personal lawyer before he became state’s attorney.

“When you need help on a case, when you run into a dead end in a case, or just personal problems, Jerry’s been a person I went to and has mentored some many people over the years,” Mushinsky said. “Jerry always would drop what he was doing to help somebody out.”

Mushinsky said Brady was a realist and know that people make mistakes.

“Jerry believed if we can find a way to correct that without maybe long-term incarceration Jerry was always up for finding other methods and just a very community oriented person.”

“I’m very sad about it,” said United States District Judge James Shadid. “I’m known Jerry since I was a teenager. He was a supervisor when I worked for the Peoria Park District. He supervised my brother and I for a couple of summers.”

“Jerry was a very outstanding public servant and state’s attorney but I think his legacy really includes all the humanitarian work that he did, going all the way back to Paul Reatherford’s biddy basketball program where he was involved in teaching young people, children, life skills through athletics,” Shadid said.

“I also recall all the countless hours that he spent with that program and through other volunteer agencies delivering food baskets, delivering Christmas baskets, delivering poinsettias and Christmas time to people less fortunate. He was a real good friend to the Shadid family. We’re grateful for his friendship and our prayers are with his family.”

“Jerry Brady was a friend, a mentor, someone I have known my entire life,” said Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell.

“His legacy for me is not inside a courtroom. It’s what he’s done for this community, usually with people not knowing,” Asbell said. “His gift was humility.”

“With Jerry it was that giving spirit but also the humility that comes with it. Helping others for the right reasons. An amazing man and an amazing family,” Asbell said.

Peoria County Circuit Court Judge Kevin Lyons preceded Brady as state’s attorney and recommended Brady for his old job in 2011.

“I remember thinking, ‘Good grief, does this guy have any enemies?’ I knew the fact that so many people liked him and so many people cared about him, he had to have what I call ‘the touch.’ And if you have ‘the touch’ you can get a lot further along than without it,” Lyons said.

“When you think of a person with a kind heart and talented mind and willing to do the right thing, when those people pass on everybody knows they have to work harder and that that miss something,” Lyons said. “Some people jade themselves to accept when people come and go, but the Jerry Brady’s of the world are really people that people miss and you look back on your life and they’re happy they were with people like that.”

“The passing of State’s Attorney Jerry Brady is a huge loss for our community,” said Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion III. “Mr. Brady did so many positive things for the community and public safety. I had the honor to work with Jerry for several years. Jerry was not only a co-worker, he was also a friend. Mr Brady will be greatly missed. Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.”





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