Illinois American Water Investing Millions In Peoria Area

Illinois American Water plans to invest millions in the Peoria area.

The company says it will spend over $5.7 million on four miles of water main in Peoria, Limestone Township and Bartonville. Plans also include the installation of 11 new pressure-reducing valves in the system’s high service area in Peoria.

Illinois American Water says the new valves will reduce pressure in the lines from over 100 psi to closer to the recommended 80 psi in the Peoria District’s high service zone, helping to reduce future water main breaks.

According to Christian Volz, engineering manager for the Peoria service area, Illinois American Water continuously looks for opportunities to improve system operation. He said, “Our engineering team investigates every water main break and determined this to the be the best, most prudent approach to help prevent water main breaks and reduce related service and traffic impact from those breaks.”

The pressure reducing valves will be installed in the following areas:

-West of Willow Knolls at W. Willow Knolls and W. War Memorial

-South of War Memorial at W. Willow Knolls and W. War Memorial

-South of War Memorial at W. Baring and W. War Memorial

-North of Camille at W. Camille and N. Hamilton

-West of Melody at W. Glen, between N. Melody and N. Glen Park

-North of Clarewood at N. University and W. Clarewood

-West of Sheridan at N. Sheridan and W. Lake

-East of California at E. War Memorial and N. California

-South of London at E. London and Atlantic

-West of Dayton at E. Rouse, between Dayton and Columbus

Illinois American Water says once the pressure reducing valves are in place, the company’s engineering team will determine the appropriate time to bring the new pressure system online. It is expected to occur next year.

When that phase of the project occurs, customers will be contacted by Illinois American Water’s customer notification system regarding any impact to water service and necessary steps.

A map of Illinois American Water’s main replacement program is HERE.

Crews will begin work in September. Total completion is expected by the end of the year.

A link to Illinois American Water Company is HERE.




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