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I have never felt comfortable writing biographies…what to put in, what to leave out. It’s odd. With that in mind, here goes.

I grew up in Pekin…just down the road from Peoria, the youngest of four kids in a typical middle class, Midwestern family. Dad owned his own business, Illini Welding Supplies. Mom stayed home. I graduated from Pekin Community High School in 1977. I spent my first two years of college at the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana and my last two at Florida Atlantic University. Yes, I am a proud Fighting Owl. I used my Political Science degree to help me sell industrial supplies in the 80’s, eventually giving that up to pursue my radio dream. I started getting the itch for radio in high school but didn’t pursue it until I was 28 years old, married with two kids. Not your typical radio rookie. I have worked for a lot of stations in Peoria, including WMBD, WXCL, WWCT, WTAZ and WJPL. This is my third tour of duty for WMBD, in fact. In 2002, I moved to Chicago to work at WLS with my wife and radio partner, Yvonne Greer.

I have 4 kids …my oldest, Katie, (30), and my son, David, (26), both live and work in the Peoria area. The younger two are Ginger and Justice. Ginger is in the 8th grade; and my little guy, Justice, (8), is in 2nd  Grade and keeps me young. These days, my time is spent rehabbing a home, chasing after the little ones, laughing, looking for good in all things of the world, and playing on the radio. It’s a good life!

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Email: [email protected]

Marital Status – Happily married to wife Jody and has 4 children.

Best part of the job – Flexibility to read and research, along with spending time with the family which is important to being a well rounded individual. Family life adds spice to the show!

Philosophy towards show – Variety. Being plugged into the community and peoples lives. A friend is never always funny or angry or sad. A friend is rich in viewpoints.

Favorite Quote – “I wish I was as certain about one thing as some people are about everything”

General philosophy – Issues are more complex than people believe. Every decision or action has multiple ramifications. The more you know, the more you don’t know.- Get through today the best I can.