‘Giving Tuesday’ Helps Non-Profits

Non-profits across the nation are asking for a little extra help Tuesday.

It’s ‘Giving Tuesday’, a day charities and non-profit agencies like the Salvation Army hope they will see an increase in donations to their cause.

Rich Draeger, with the Salvation Army in Peoria, says like most non-profits, they’re really feeling the pinch. He says their ‘Need Amount’, or goal for this year’s ‘Tree of Lights Campaign’ is $1,920,000.

“If we don’t reach that amount, then we’re going to have to make some tough decisions about streamlining some programs. That could include cutting a 5-day program down to a 4-day program, and taking a really hard look at where we are financially,” said Draeger.

Draeger says the Salvation Army, and other non-profits, are having to come up with more creative ways to raise more money throughout the year. For the Salvation Army, one of those ways is the ‘Season Pass.’

“You can buy them at our Divisional Headquarters (in Peoria). It’s a lapel pin, and they come in denominations of $20, $50, and $100,” said Draeger. The Divisional Headquarters is located at 401 NE Adams Street.

“It lets bellringers know that you’ve already given to the Salvation Army during the holiday season.”

Draeger says he knows that people don’t always have cash handy when they walk by one of the Army’s Red Kettles. He says people can also go online to give.

“We have a Christmas gift catalog on our website. So, you can go on there and pick out a $10 gift, or a $25 gift, or a variety of things.”

In cities like Milwaukee, the Salvation Army is testing a ‘Dip Jar’ inside stores, where you can swipe a debit or credit card to donate $1, $2, or $5 instantly.

To date, this year’s Peoria area ‘Tree of Lights Campaign’ has raised about $370,000.

To donate to the Salvation Army online, click HERE.




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