District 150 Reacts To Student’s Shooting Death

Peoria’s latest homicide victim was a 14-year-old Peoria High School student.

Police say Tommie Forest, III was shot and killed in a home invasion at a friend’s home early Saturday morning. Three other District 150 students were shot, but suffered non-life threatening injuries.

Peoria District 150’s Interim Superintendent Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat tells WMBD’s Greg and Dan Show that the school district is putting together a strategic plan in regards to the safety and success of all of its students following this weekend’s tragedy.

“It’s an opportunity to make some changes. And, to be a little more focused on the needs of all kids,” said Kherat.

Kherat says Tommie Forest’s death affects not just one part of town, but the whole community.

“In reality, many of our students face challenges to learning, including poor nutrition, hunger, inadequate healthcare, and a lot of emotional trauma and community violence,” said Kherat.

She says D150 Schools must work with local agencies to foster a safer environment on and off campus.

“The health department, for example,” says Kherat,” the police department, and many, many more will play a vital role in helping our children feel resiliency and overcome these challenges.”

Kherat says District 150 Schools will focus on addressing individual student needs that may require some alternative learning situations for students that need them.

“What we have to do as a community overall is get together and make sure inequities and achievement gaps are eliminated. We need to assist, and do a better job in helping everyone find his or her niche.”

“Once there’s a sense of success and hope, I believe this violence will be mitigated and reduced significantly,” said Kherat.

“Success begets success. This is not easy work. This is very complex.”

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help cover the costs of Tommie Forest’s funeral. Click HERE for the link.



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