Changes Coming To East Peoria’s Washington Street

(25 News)

(From 25 News)–Some big changes are coming to a well-known section of East Peoria.

The changes could make it easier to make that Kroger or Costco run. Anyone who’s traveled that stretch of road knows how narrow the lanes are. the four-lane road is such a tight squeeze that locals say they’ve seen a number of accidents. Most frequently, vehicles hit the power poles lining the streets closely.

That’s only one of the reasons East Peoria is looking to make some changes along that stretch of Washington Street. From I-74 to the intersection of Washington and Main Street, the four lanes will be repainted to make 2 wider lanes with a turn lane in the middle. In addition, from Main to Spinder Drive near Chick-Fil-A the city will re-structure and re-pave the road to make traffic patterns more conducive to drivers.

Officials say this road work has been requested by businesses in the area for quite some time. The city will start taking bids this winter. The work is expected to start and finish during summer this year. Officials say they should be able to do the work without closing any roads.



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