Bradley Recreates Million Man March

Alpha Media's Ryan Piers

Bradley students have recreated the Million Man March.

The 1995 peaceful gathering of African-Americans was grassroots attempt to break negative stereotypes.

Nearly 100 Bradley students met at the student center Wednesday to write a stereotype about themselves down on pieces of paper.

“This is our way of letting everyone break the different stereotypes that may have been placed upon them,” said Sherry Gunn with the Office of Diversity.

For example, Gunn has noticed students from Chicago writing “I’m from Chicago so I must be in a gang.” She said one student wrote “I am Hispanic so I must be illegal.”

Gunn says the papers will be made into a mural and displayed on campus. She hopes that the public and other students will read the stereotypes and reflect on why they’re wrong.

“The students are saying what they aren’t,” Gunn said.

The event was part of a Bradley University’s month-long celebration of Black History Month and is part of the college’s Cultural Heritage Month programming. For more information on upcoming events, visit the school’s website.



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