Win $1,000 with the Grand Slam Giveaway

1470 & 100.3 WMBD and Vonderheide Floor Coverings Company want to give you the chance to win $1,000 in cash…5 times every weekday!

Cash to go on vacation this summer, upgrade your house, pay bills or just buy 1,000 things at the dollar store! It’s simple, starting March 20th, listen at 7a, 9a, 1p, 3p and 5p for the Grand Slam Keyword. When you hear it, text the keyword to 77000 for your chance to win! – (message and data rates may apply)

Someone wins every time, so we’ll we’ll give away $5,000 every weekday – $125,000 in all with the Grand Slam Giveaway!

From Vonderheide Floor Coverings Company and 1470 & 100.3, WMBD

Get the complete rules here.

Winners Circle:

March 20: 7a Manner Hall; 9a Camilo Garcia; 1p Gail McGhee; 3p Kathy Gary; 5p Stacie Childers
March 21: 7a Jarvo Vincent; 9a Scott Willis; 1p Sansone; 3p Dale Ward; 5p Brittany Steidinger
March 22: 7a – William Graydon; 9a – Barbara Collins; 1p – Fontella Moore; 3p – Tina Parris; 5p – Elaina Rivas
March 23: 7a – Joseph Fscher; 9a – Arthur Deborger; 1p – Jim Murr; 3p – Debra Johnston; 5p Brandon Neuzil
March 24: 7a – Chad Heber; 9a – Troy Woloszyk; 1p – Jordan Mundt; 3p – Tom Huddleston; 5p Jacob Hunt
March 27:
March 28:
March 29:
March 30:
March 31:
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