Trash Dumped Into Pekin Man’s Driveway After Payment Issue

Courtesy Of news partner 25 News

A Pekin man came home to a garbage mound in his driveway.

Ed Tarpley tells news partner 25 News his son, Chad, the owner of C&T Siding and Construction, had an outstanding balance with Dragon Dumps waste removal company. So Dragon Dumps owner, Drew Vice, dumped a truck-load of trash into his driveway.

“Part of it is destroyed; materials were sitting there. It’s just sad,” Chad Tarpley said.

According to the Journal Star, Ed Tarpley turned his small home siding business over his to his son, Chad, eight years ago, but still volunteers to handle a few small tasks.

One of those tasks is handling dumpster pickup. Which is why Vice claimed because Ed Tarpley,, who arranged to rent dumpsters for C&T Siding & Construction, he was fair game.

Chad Tarpley said he, not his father, owed $2,552.35 for five dumpster rentals since June.

“I had always tried to help them out by not making me be there to write me a check when I dropped the dumpster back off like most people do,” Vice said to Newspartner 25 News. “But they stopped contacting me.”

Vice said he hauled 31,000 pounds of trash for them during that time.

So Vice tried to reach out to Chad Tarpley, once more, over the weekend, and Tarpley admitted to not replying to Vice’s Sunday message.

That’s when Vice retaliated, texting a video of Tarpley of the garbage dumping when he finished Monday morning.

The Pekin Police Department issued a report, claiming it is investigating the incident. Because Vice is a member of the Pekin Fire Department, criminal decisions will be made by the states attorney’s office. The reports of the investigation have been forwarded to Tazewell County States Attorney Stu Umholtz for further review.

Umholtz told 1470 and 100.3 WMBD while he will review the report for possible criminal charges, “Illinois law, 720 ILCS 5/47-15,¬†clearly prohibits one person from dumping garbage on another person’s property without his consent.”

Tarpley has until September 15 to remove the trash or faces a $500 fine. The City says it will give him some leniency.

Vice told the Journal Star he chose to “return” Tarpley’s junk, rather than file a small claims court action against C&T Siding because he worried he wouldn’t receive no payment from Tarpley if he won.

Chad Tarpley said he is going to clean his father’s driveway, pay to dump the trash legally and pursue Vice in civil court.

News partner 25 News reported Vice went back to the home and removed the trash Wednesday afternoon.



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