Traffic Collision Alerts Issued

The Peoria County Sheriff’s Office has issued a Traffic Collision Alert for Peoria County.

Drivers involved in a crash, where no one is injured, should exchanged information, and report the crash in person as soon as possible, but within 48 hours of the alert being lifted at the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office at 301 N. Maxwell Road, Peoria.

The City of Peoria issued its own Traffic Collision Alert late Saturday morning as well. If you’re involved in a non-injury crash within the city limits, officials ask you to report it in person at the police department headquarters at 600 SW Adams Street within 36 hours after the end of the alert.

The City of Washington has also issued a Traffic Collision Alert. If you are involved in an accident in Washington, and there are no injuries, report the accident to the Washington Police Department, at 115 W. Jefferson Street, within 48 hours.

Washington has also implimented a parking ban until further notice.




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