Med Pot Patients Face Issues

Illinois’ medical cannabis dispensaries are nearly ready to open their doors to 3,300 approved patients.

That means serious issues could arise for over patients approved for the state’s pilot program that end up accused of DUI.

“If you’re involved in an auto accident, and that comes out somehow, you’re likely to be charged at no fault of your own,” said Peoria Attorney Rodney Nordstrom.

Nordstrom has become specialized in law regarding Illinois’ medical marijuana program, having taken on a number of clients that are potential patients, or businesses wanting to get into the medical cannabis market.

Nordstrom tells WMBD’s Greg and Dan that Illinois’ defense laywers are trying to get state laws changed to protect patients approved to use medical marijuana.

“Right now, if you have any traceable amount of cannabis in your system, you are guilty of a crime,” said Nordstrom.

He says businesses that employ approved patients may also face difficult issues with them failing drug tests.

“Are they going to be terminated? If so, does a person have the right to bring a lawsuit against them (their employer) because they’re just taking their medicine?”

Nordstrom says because traces of cannabis can stay in the body for several weeks, patients may fail their drug tests even if they aren’t using the drug.

He says Peoria’s licensed dispensary, which is just off N. University Street, has cannabis product in place, and is expected to open before the end of the month.

Nordstrom says the dispensary is actually already open, but only for Patient Education classes.

For more information about Illinois’ medical cannabis pilot program, click HERE.



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