Students To Rally For MAP Grants

Photo: Bradley University

Bradley students are urging lawmakers to pass a budget and continue funding MAP grants.

Junior Gerry Regep will join a handful of students at a rally in Springfield on Tuesday in support of Monetary Award Program grants.

“Coming from a single parent home, a lower middle-class background, the MAP Grant has been essential to me to just staying at Bradley,” said Junior Gerry Regep.

The grants help students from lower-income families, or about one fifth of Bradley’s student body.

Grant money would disappear next year if state lawmakers can’t agree on a budget.

Regep is part of a mock trial team and is an orientation leader at Bradley. But he isn’t sure if he’d be able to stay at Bradley without the help of a MAP Grant.

“When you have mom back home working a full-time job as well as a part-time job any reduction in financial aid you receive or don’t receive next year kinda puts more hardship on life back home,” Regep explained.

About one-fifth of Bradley’s student body faces the same possibility of dropping out of school without the help of MAP Grant funding. Nearly 40 percent of those students are minorities. Bradley receives nearly $5 million in MAP Grant funding each year.

Currently 336 freshman are helped out by the gran


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