The Greg & Dan Show

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I look at my Twitter bio and I see these words

Radio Host: I have been co-hosting The Greg and Dan Show on WMBD since June of 2005. My partner is and has been for that time, Dan Diorio. Prior to that my radio parter for 10 years was my wife, Yvonne Greer.

I love opening the mic each morning not knowing exaclty where it will take us and our audience.

Standup: I started doing standup comedy a few years ago. It's not too different that doing talk radio, really. The big difference is the immediate feedback of a live audience. There is nothing like it. Big thanks to all those comedy folks who have helped guide and advise me alonjg the way.

Actor: Hmmm...I have done some live theater over the years, some TV, That's an area I would like to explore more in the future.

Voice-Over: Industrial, movies, tv, and of course, radio. It's an interesting way to make a living!

Internet Minister: Yes, true. I have married two couples. Not sure they are legally married.

Dad: I have four kids. All ages and degrees of grownupness (is that a word) Love, love, love all things Dad related.

Husband: Yvonne Greer and I have been married since 1995. Everyday is a crazy carnival ride with her. I know it's corny but she does make me to be a better man.

Story Collector: I love stories. Telling them, sharing them and sometimes making them up. We all have them. I love them all.

Dreamer: I dream a lot. I dream of what I want to be. I dream of how I want the world to be. I dream about my next radio show. I dream about how I can do more for those in my small corner of the world.

Do Good. Be Nice. Go Home. Repeat.


Marital Status – Happily married to wife Jody and has 4 children.

Best part of the job – Flexibility to read and research, along with spending time with the family which is important to being a well rounded individual. Family life adds spice to the show!

Philosophy towards show – Variety. Being plugged into the community and peoples lives. A friend is never always funny or angry or sad. A friend is rich in viewpoints.

Favorite Quote – “I wish I was as certain about one thing as some people are about everything”

General philosophy – Issues are more complex than people believe. Every decision or action has multiple ramifications. The more you know, the more you don’t know.- Get through today the best I can.