Shots Fired At South Peoria Home

Alpha Media/Ed Hammond

A South Peoria woman considers herself “blessed” after surviving shots fired at her home.

Carliss Norris says she was sitting on the couch Friday morning when a man stepped up to her house in the 2400 block of W. Proctor St. and fired shots. Several bullet holes could be seen along the front of her one-story home.

Alpha Media/Ed Hammond

“I was thinking it was like some firecrackers, so I kind of moved and then I see the flares going off,” Norris said. “There are like 18 bullet holes inside of my house.”

Police had located several shell casings on the street outside the home.

Alpha Media/Ed Hammond

Norris said she was alone at the time. Norris feels someone else who lives at the house was targeted.

“(The shooter) was targeting somebody, I’m not going to say,” Norris said, “because I could hear him talking while he was walking up to the house.”

Norris says her grandchildren also live at house but they were at school.

Norris says she has not had any problems during the two years she has lived there.

“Nobody’s ever broken in, nobody has ever stolen anything, nobody’s ever kicked in the door. Nothing, nothing, nothing,” Norris said. “My grandmother lives across the street.”

Now, Norris said, she wants to leave.

“I want to get the hell up out of here,” Norris said.

Norris also wants the shooter located and arrested.

Peoria police are continuing their investigation.



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