Seeing The Kickback of Super Bowl Sunday

Local businesses are seeing a kickback on Super Bowl Sunday.

Aaron Smith owns Double A’s Sports Bar and Grill in Peoria and says extra staff were on hand to handle the rush, both in the restaurant ant and for carry out.

“The phone rings a lot, more than they do on a Sunday as far as carryout is concerned,” he explains.

Smith says between 500 and 600 people walk through his doors on Super Bowl Sunday. Days like these are major boosts to his locally owned Bar and Grill, also allowing him to give his staff extra hours.

He says the number of chicken wings and pizzas they make doubles. They also save their best deals for Super Bowl Sunday.

But he’s not the only one. Amy Sehatteman is a Product Manager at Hy-Vee Sheridan Village.

“We have a spike in business because people plan for full parties,” she says.

Sehatteman explains that Hy-Vee also savea a lot of their deals for the day of the game, such as dollars off on party platters and chips. She often gives workers more hours to accommodate the big crowds before the game.

Like Smith, she says the day his big for their bottom line.


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