Schock Spokesman: Filings ‘Speak For Themselves’

AP Photo/Seth Perlman, File

(AP) – A spokesman for Aaron Schock’s legal team says it’ll let its recent filings speak for themselves and won’t comment on a new government court document that defends the use of a confidential informant employed by the former U.S. representative.

Mark Hubbard on Wednesday declined direct comment on the new government filing. He said only that lawyers “feel the motions we filed before the court speak for themselves.”

In a filing last month, Schock’s lawyers said investigators overstepped legal lines by recruiting a confidential informant from staff and pressing him to secretly record co-workers.

Schock’s attorneys accused the FBI of using the informant to sidestep restrictions on what a federal agent can search and seize. They said they’d soon move to dismiss the case.

A 2016 indictment charges Schock with mail fraud, theft of government funds and other crimes.


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