Rauner Offers Illinois As Host State For Hurricane Victims

Victims of Hurricane Maria could be on their way to Illinois.

Gov. Bruce Rauner has asked the federal government to consider Illinois as a host state for hurricane victims from Puerto Rico.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency Director James Joseph says Illinois officials want to help Puerto Ricans who lost their homes to the hurricane in September.

“FEMA will pay for them to be transported to the state of Illinois, or any other state that’s selected to be a host state. And, from there, we would assist them getting acclimated, getting them hotels or possible rental assistance,” said Joseph.

Joseph says, “This would be until individuals can have the opportunity to have their homes rebuilt. This gives them the ability to have some kind of transitional time where they’re away from the island, Where they can have a somewhat normal life again, maybe even enroll their children in school or whatever needs to happen.”

The federal government would cover the associated costs of bringing Puerto Ricans to Illinois, if the state is selected to host hurricane victims.


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