Rally Opposes Senate Tax Bill

Alpha Media Ryan Piers

A nationwide group held a local rally in Peoria, opposing a tax reform bill recently passed by the Senate.

The protest, conducted by Indivisible Peoria Area, is one of six throughout the state.

Jean Sloan heads the group.

“We want to make a visible protest… that we are protesting the tax bill that was passed just a little over 48 hours ago,” Sloan said.

A couple dozen people attended the rally, waiving signs like “kill the bill before it kills us” and “does anyone care about the poor and sick?” They chanted and sang, calling out local politicians.

Sloan worries how the tax bill will impact the lower middle class, even if most of the protestors are more well off economically.

“We don’t just have a community that is our own little island,” Sloan said. “Some of us have been through bad times and we have friends that are going through bad times.”

Peoria resident Rebecca Carey attended the rally, concerned that tax reform will negatively impact her family.

“For my family, nieces and nephews who are raising kids, this is going to be tough,” Carey explained. “We are working class people and it’s not going to be good.”

Here is how the new tax plan will impact you or your family based on income level.

Indivisible describes itself as “a national and statewide grassroots movement aimed at resisting the implementation of the Trump agenda and working for progressive government and for active and effective participation in local and national government by citizens.”



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