Quest Charter Academy Begins School Early

Alpha Media's Ryan Piers

Quest Charter Academy is launching a new, balanced calendar. Which means students and teachers are back in class August 1, two weeks earlier than years past.

“We are really hoping to address the summer slide that often happens with students learning and retaining what they’ve learned over the summer,” said. Director of Development and Communications Cindy Ardis Jenkins.

Jenkins says the difference is made up with a long fall and winter break. She says the new calendar gives students and teachers added, short breaks during the year.

“Our students will be going to school the exact same number of days they have in the past,” Jenkins said.

And as the students come back, they’ll be greeted by a large group of men.

The school’s “Village of Men” program will bring in, hopefully, 100 men to volunteer to meet the kids as they come back to the school.

“If the students haven’t seen any positive male all summer, how exciting that would be,” said Family and Community Liaison, Kertrina Dickerson.

Dickerson says the program pairs professionals with students interested in their careers.

She says anyone interested in greeting the students on their first day needs to be at the school at 7:50 a.m. August 1.



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