Peoria’s Police Chief Reacts To Shootings Of Officers

Peoria’s police chief says while it appears it may be “open season” on law enforcement officers, “I can’t say for certain that’s the case.”

Chief Jerry Mitchell appeared on WMBD’s Robbins and Markley Show in the wake of recent shootings of police officers, including Tuesday’s fatal shooting of a Lake County, Illinois officer while he was chasing three suspects.

Mitchell says when it comes to his workforce, “It’s about effective training and appropriate equipment. But, even with that, there’s no guarantee the officers will return safe back to the station at the end of the night.”

Mitchell believes his department is making strides in maintaining a good relationship with the public.

“Every day we have opportunities to go out there and make that relationship stronger than yesterday. That’s our goal,” Mitchell says.

“We want to make sure that if we do have an incident similar to Ferguson, Missouri that the community is strong enough to survive it.”

Additionally, Mitchell hopes someday the City will find the money to pay for body cameras for officers just for transparency.

“But, even with body cameras, that will not prevent somebody who has deliberate intent to harm an officer.”



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