Peoria Resident To Run For Mayor

Courtesy of Couri Thomas

Mayor Jim Ardis has some competition.

Peoria resident Couri Thomas is announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Peoria.

“I was born and raised here,” Thomas said. “I’ve seen a lot of things change in Peoria…Peoria is different than it is now.”

With this in mind, Thomas’s campaign slogan is “Fall In Love With Peoria, Again.” The son of a Reverend currently works for the Peoria Area Food Bank and says meeting people through his job has helped inspire him to run for office.

“Meeting each citizen and getting on a first-name basis, they have expressed their frustration,” explains Thomas. “I feel like someone has to step up and take on that leadership.”

His platform is partially based upon his Comprehensive Citizens Investment Strategy, which focuses on improving the business climate in Peoria.

This plan would include pushing for a raise to minimum wage, creating a business-oriented educational environment for young people, improving the city’s transportation system and redeveloping downtown to be more attractive to tourists.

“There are a lot of things, from unemployment and poverty to infrastructure,” Thomas said describing is platform’s focus.

Thomas will officially announce his candidacy on Monday. Unless another candidate announces their intention to run for Mayor, the election will take place in the spring.



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