Peoria Drivers Adjusting To ‘New Stripes’ Downtown

Drivers are still getting used to a new parking system introduced to portions of downtown Peoria last week.

The idea behind “reverse angle parking” it is to make the streets of downtown Peoria safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The city has put up signs indicating where reverse angle parking is in effect, and some city vehicles have been parked in some of the spaces to show drivers how to properly park.

But, having to back into a parking space may make drivers a bit nervous.

“One thing we did do to try to help mitigate some of that is these spaces are wider than they used to be,” said Peoria Assistant Director of Public Works Scott Reeise.

Reeise says the new parking spots went from 8 and a half or nine feet wide, to ten feet wide.

City officials know it will take some time for drivers to get used to backing into a parking spot instead of going ‘nose-in’. But the new system will allow drivers to pull directly into traffic.

Reeise tells WMBD’s Greg and Dan Show that there may be a few more ‘fender benders’ initially as drivers get used to it.

“The only thing we can do is encourage people to turn on their signal as soon as possible when they’re wanting to back up.”

Reverse angle parking is a new concept in Peoria, but has been used for years in larger cities like New York, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

Peoria’s trial area of this type of parking is on Fulton Street from Monroe to Jefferson, Monroe Street from Main to Fulton, and Madison Street from Main to Fulton.

Reeise says the city may consider expanding reverse angle parking to other areas of town if it’s well-received.



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