PCAPS: Fireworks And Pets Don’t Mix

Animal control officials say home is the safest place for pets on the 4th of July.

Bridget Domenighini, Director of Peoria County Animal Protective Services, says fireworks can spook pets, causing them to run from home.
That is why she says it is never a good idea to take your pets with you to fireworks displays.

“They don’t know what the sounds are. And, so it’s just frightening.”

Domenighini says if pets are used to being crated, that is the best place for them when fireworks are going off.

“You’ll hear fireworks going off in almost every neighborhood, and that can be really scary for pets,” Domenigini says.

Domenighini says in case pets do run, make sure they are wearing proper ID, so they are easier to find.

“A collar, their rabies tag, and an identification tag if possible. A microchip is also the best way to ensure that pets make it home if they do get lost,” Domenighini said.

She says if pets run off on the 4th of July, and you cannot find them, it is best to come to the shelter the next day to look for them in person, not just call PCAPS.

For more information from Peoria County Animal Protection Services, click HERE.


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