D150: AT&T Causing Construction Delay

Peoria District 150 claims AT&T is causing construction delays at the new Peoria High School athletic fields.

The district paid $80,000 upfront in June for removal of a cross box with phone lines and fiber optics. But, it's still there.

"The latest information I have is (AT&T) plans to have it done by the end of August," D150's Chief Financial Officer Mark Wilcockson tells the school board. "(The delay) could be a matter of weeks if it's not removed sooner."

Wilcockson says construction crews are working around the cross box. Wilcockson says the District has been in contact with AT&T and "they have been somewhat less responsive than we hoped they would be."

Board member and past board president Rick Cloyd expects better from the utility.

"I would hope somebody at AT&T would realize the impact (the delay) has on this project and it's not in their best interest to keep dragging their feet," Cloyd says.

Fellow board member Martha Ross suggested the utility be billed for any change orders the district has to pay for as a result of the delays.

AT&T has not responded to a request for comment.


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