Local Artists Ready To "Ignite Peoria"

It's not your father's art show.

"Ignite Peoria" will attract over 100 local artists to the Peoria Civic Center Saturday.

A variety of talents will be on display from traditional paintings to custom cars.

"Pinstriping, air brushing or doing the inside of the cars," explains chairperson Kathy Chitwood. "Darious Donaldson has set this up and has people coming states all around to bring their cars."

Chitwood says there will be examples of fiber art.

"We have a gal who has created a gown out of curling ribbon," Chitwood says. "And we have an artist who's bringing wearable paper dresses she's created."

And, Chitwood says, there's even a sneaker customizer.

"Justin Fenwick of East Peoria, who goes by 'Donkey Punch,' takes white tennis shoes and customizes them," Chitwood says. "He's done some for Kanye West."

There will also be lots of multi-cultural music food because World Fest is being incorporated into "Ignite Peoria."

"Isn't it a perfect fit for World Fest to be a part of this?," asks Chitwood. "They are showing us their culture and they're sharing their music, dance, fashion and food. Nothing is better than that."

Most of the displays or "creative spaces" as they are called will be open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Saturday. But, there will be a hip-hop music contest that will take place from Noon until 10 p.m.

Admission and parking are free.

More information about "Ignite Peoria" can be found here.


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