Leuthold, Aina Discussed Murder Case

They were getting their stories straight.

Transcripts of phone calls between Nathan Leuthold and Aina Dobilaite were read aloud for the jury on Friday. Leuthold, using fellow Peoria County Jail inmate David Smith's phone privileges, had three conversations with his alleged mistress on May 17 and 18, 2013 from behind bars.

The prosecution all week has been painting the picture that Leuthold killed his wife, Denise Leuthold, on Valentine's Day 2013 so he could be with Aina, a Lithuanian national whom he was sponsoring so she could attend college in the United States.

Leuthold led the conversations, telling her exactly how they interacted with one another, and stressing that they were nothing more than close, family friends. He told her to take notes if she needed to, but to be ready to toss those notes away.

He said his messages professing his love to her could easily be explained as something he would tell any family member; the love was not sexual, but in fact was one of kinship.

They also agreed to say that the trips to the spa they shared were simply out of necessity. He was there to act as her translator. His wife didn't go with them because she was not as proficient in Lithuanian, he told her to say.

Leuthold again expressed disgust at the legal system. Calling Peoria County "the worst in the country," he railed on judges, cops, and lawyers; all of whom, he said, had made up their minds about the murder before doing any real investigating. Leuthold simply said he wanted to get out of the Peoria area and go somewhere he would be treated fairly.

Aina passed along news that their church community was divided when it came to passing along prayers to either of them. The source of controversy, she said, came from the fact that she could not honestly answer a list of questions a pastor had given her in attempt to fully understand the nature of their relationship. She said she was very stressed by the whole situation, noting that she wasn't eating a lot because she was so worried.

Their final conversation ended with hopes that their faith would carry them through it all.

"God is in control," she said. "He said not to be afriad."

Leuthold agreed, and said he was confident that God would provide a miracle. Both expressed a hope that Denise's real killer would step forward.

Judge Kevin Lyons hopes the trial can wrap up by mid-Friday afternoon. As the jury headed back in after the lunch break, the prosecution still had five more witnesses to call. The defense has a long list of witnesses, although it is not compelled to bring any forward if it doesn't want to.

If the trial extends past Friday, Judge Lyons said the jury could choose to continue on Saturday. Otherwise, proceedings will pick up on Monday morning.

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