Hours Of Police Interviews Angered Leuthold

Day five of the Nathan Leuthold murder trial began with more video of his initial interview with police after his wife, Denise Leuthold, was found dead in their Mossville Road home on Valentine's Day 2013.

In the video, Leuthold talks about stress in his marriage and the couple's mission work.  Leuthold said his wife wanted a firm answer if they would return to Lithuania.

As the interview progressed, detectives started asking more pointed questions about how Denise Leuthold's car got to Robinson Park, and about a stolen gun that was the same caliber as the one that killed Denise Leuthold.

The detectives interviewing Nathan Leuthold said there were "a lot of things swirling around' and that "things didn't add up."   During questioning, Leuthold claimed the cops were trying to pin this (the murder) on him, and had "preconceived notions" about the case.

Leuthold told detectives "if you suggested I would want to do something to my wife, I'd shoot myself in the head."

One of the lead investigators in the Leuthold case, Detective Jason Leigh has spent over 4 hours on the witness stand so far.

Leigh told Peoria County States Attorney Jerry Brady that he met with Nathan Leuthold four times between the day of the murder and March 6th, the day he was arrested.

Leigh met with Diane Parrish, who said she saw Nathan Leuthold walking away from the park where Denise Leuthold's car was found the day of the murder.

Detective Leigh showed Diane Parrish mugshots two days after the murder, and she picked out Nathan Leuthold.

In the courtroom Friday morning, Judge Lyons ruled that phone calls made by Nathan Leuthold from jail can be used in court. Judge Lyons also says the case could continue into Saturday if things don't wrap up Friday.

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