Pastors Take The Stand In Leuthold Trial

As a fourth day of the Nathan Leuthold murder trial got underway Thursday morning, David Sexton, Leuthold's pastor from LaMarsh Baptist Church, was first to take the witness stand.

Sexton told the jury that 8 months before Denise Leuthold's murder, he had a conversation with the couple about Nathan Leuthold "riding around" alone with Aina Dobulightuh, the Lithuanian student with whom Leuthold was allegedly having an affair, was detrimental to ministry.

Sexton told both Nathan and Denise Leuthold that if that activity continued, the church would have to end ministry funding to the Leutholds.

Pastor Kenneth Linder, of Victory Baptist Church in South Peoria, also testified Thursday morning about a bank account at CEFCU where he deposited money the Leutholds' account.

Tom Hafele, a CEFCU loss prevention specialist, told the jury that some of that money was taken out of the Leuthold account, and deposited into Aina Dobulightuh's account in April of 2013.

A translator testifying on video discussed text messages between Aina Dobulightuh to Nathan Leuthold. 

After hearing of the break-in at the Leuthold home, Aina Dobulightuh reportedly said "interesting."  

While testifying in court Wednesday, Aina Dobulightuh said the Lithuanian word meaning "interesting" could also mean "weird" or "bizarre", but the translator says that's not true, the word has a very specific meaning which is "interesting".

Notes from Nathan Leuthold to Aina Dobulightuh were also read in court Thursday.  One note read "You are my world, my everything." Another said one of Leuthold's kids really wanted to see Dobulightuh. 

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