Area Cities Awarded Disaster Relief

The City of Washington is getting the bulk of $11.6-million in statewide tornado relief.

Governor Pat Quinn, during a stop in Washington Monday, says nearly $7.7 million is going to the city, money the feds declined to award.

"There are more opportunities from other departments, but we wanted to allocate this amount pronto," Quinn tells 1470 & 100.3 WMBD.

Washington Mayor Gary Manier says the city will likely be asking for more state assistance.

"There are some funds available from the Clean Water Act," Manier says. "We don't know how much damage we're going to have until we turn some of our systems back on and see if we're going to have to tap into that."

The money will help the city recoup some of the $12-million it's spent, so far, toward tornado recovery efforts. Included is $6.5-million awarded by the Illinois Department of Transportation about a month ago to help pay for infrastructure repairs, such as streets and gutters.

The money announced by Quinn Monday is part of a $45-million state relief package Quinn announced in March after the state's appeal for federal disaster assistance was denied.

Quinn says the residents of Washington are an inspiration to the entire state of Illinois, "with their committment, their strength and their ability to help each other."

Communities receiving tornado recover funds include:

City of Washington, $7,685,593; Community High School, $6,769; Township Road District, $11,568; Park District, $20,877

City of Pekin, $115,666

City of East Peoria, $268,393

Village of Gifford, $379,295

Brookport, $1,803,334; Massac County, $31, 399

Diamond, $441,853

Coal City, $446,096

Compromise Township, Champaign County, $185,130

The Governor, during stops in Washington and Gifford, also sign several new laws related to disaster recovery.

Those include:

Illinois Gives Intitative, allowing current and retired state workers to donate a portion of their paycheck to the Red Cross for disaster relief. They can also specify which Red Cross Chapter gets their donation. This law is effective immediately.

A limit of 10 percent is placed on amount of compensation an insurance adjuster may receive when representing a consumer in a disaster-related claim. This law is effective January 1, 2015.

A law that slowly phases in property taxes over a 15-year period for small businsses that rebuild after a disaster. This law prevents an immediate tax hike on the repaired or rebuilt business property. This law is effective immediately.

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