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Bellevue Resident Told To Remove Nativity Scene

(From WEEK News 25) - Mary Powers watches over her lawn that's causing quite the controversy.

The Bellevue resident received a notice from her landlord on Tuesday saying the nativity scene must go or she'll be fined.

But Powers says the items are much more than just decorations.

She says she has every right to display her faith.

"It made me feel like she was attacking my religion. It's my religion. I've been Catholic all my life," said Powers.

Her lease from Deluxe Lake Estates says residents must keep their homes "attractively maintained."

To Powers, that's exactly what she's doing. She says the the nativity scene is here to stay.

As for her neighbors, many say they have yet to receive a notice for their lawn decor and can't understand why she did.

"She's paying the lot rate. She's paying whatever has to be paid, so I don't think it's fair," said Pedro Rivera.

Meanwhile, other neighbors say the decor simply has no place in the summer.

"A nativity scene to me and a lot of people around here is Christmas," neighbor Kim Schafer said.

The manager at Deluxe Lake Estates declined to comment on camera but said the nativity scene wouldn't be as problematic if it was Christmas season.


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