Peoria Changing Up Polling Places

Do you know where you're voting in the November election?

Not so fast...The Peoria Board of Elections is mailing out updated voter registration cards Tuesday to registered voters in precincts 39, 76, and 78.

That's because some polling places within those precincts have changed.

Dayton Avenue Baptist Church, at 3707 N. Dayton Avenue, will now serve as a polling place for precincts 38 and 39.

Golf Learning Center, at 7815 N. Radnor Road, will be the polling place for voters in precincts 75 and 76.

Northwest United Methodist Church, at 3800 W. War Memorial Drive, will serve as the polling place for voters in precincts 66 and 78.

For more information, contact the Peoria Board of Election Commissioners at 494-8683, or click HERE.



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