Drawing The Line On Iraq

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin says he's drawing the line when it comes to the Presdident sending up to 300 military advisers to Iraq.

"I'm going to watch that very, very carefully," Durbin tells 1470 & 100.3 WMBD. "I do not want to see the American profile in Iraq expand. This country, Iraq, has to decide its own future."

Durbin doesn't think this latest action sinks the U.S. in Iraq too deep yet, "But, I will tell you if there's any effort to expand it there will be many of us who will resist that."

"Those are American lives at stake, number one," Durbin says. "And, number two, the big question is what's next? And that's where I'm going to draw the line."

Durbin says the U.S. can't send in enough soldiers to end a war that has divided the religion of Islam for 13 centuries.

President Obama announced the move Thursday along with saying the United States is forming joint operations centers in Baghdad and northern Iraq.

A Shiite cleric Friday warned that the 300 advisers will be attacked.

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