Hidden Signs Of Depression

Dr. Lisa Burckhartzmeyer, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center Psychiatrist, says someone suffering from depression may try to hide their feelings.

But how can one tell if a friend or loved one is close to the edge of harming themselves or others?

"Some people seem more irritable as a way to cover they are depressed," Burckhartzmeyer says. "Some people also cover their feelings with jokes or other things so the people won't know they're feeling down."

A friend of Jason Moore, who shot and killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend at an East Peoria bar Saturday before being gunned down himself, told 1470 & 100.3 WMBD while Moore was frustrated while talking about the custody of his children he never seemed angry and would start joking around right after.

Burckhartzmeyer says there are symptoms that can raise a red flag that someone you know is suffering from depression.

"Someone may lose interest or pleasure in things they used to do," Burckhartzmeyer says. "There may be a change in appetite or their sleep is a problem for them. All of a sudden they seem slowed down or sluggish or tired all the time."

Burckhartzmeyer says if someone notices these symptoms themselves, there should be no stigma to asking for help.

"If people start to see their life is being affected by their moods, they definitely should reach out to their physician or try to engage in some kind of counseling," Burckhartzmeyer says.

Burckhartzmeyer says a good resource for more information is the National Alliance on Mental Illness. The agency provides support groups and guidance for family members or friends of people suffering from depression.

Click here for NAMI website.

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