Building 100 Swing Sets in 40 Days

Hope Swings Washington, being coordinated by three local United Methodist churches, has begun building swing sets for Washington kids whose homes were destroyed in the November tornado.

The project grew out of a phone call after the November 17th tornadoes.

A youth director at a church in Coral Gables, Florida was looking for a missions project.

Two kids in the group have grandparents that live in Morton, and had been told about what happened in Washington. They suggested the group could make a trip up to help out in some way.

"Groups come to town, stay at the churches, work 5 days a week, and build swing sets", said Dan Phillips, with First United Methodist Church in Peoria.

The swing sets are being assembled at Washington's Crossroads United Methodist Church, and finished at the homes of the 100 families receiving them.

Washington Evangelical United Methodist is also helping to coordinate the 7-week building project.

For details on Hope Swings Washington, click HERE.

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