Petelle's Final D150 Board Meeting

Laura Petelle has one last chance to make her mark on the District 150 school board.

Petelle lost her bid for re-election in March. Her term expires June 30, but Monday night will be her final regularly scheduled board meeting.

Petelle lost to Sue Wolstenholm, who withdrew from the school board race but too late to get her name off the ballot. Wolstenholm has yet to resign from the board seat.

The group, "Change 150," has recommended the board consider former Peoria City Council candidate Dan Adler to fill the vacancy, which will be created on July 1. The board likely will set a application and interview process in motion, but is not obligated approve Change 150's recommendation. The person appointed to fill the vacancy will do so until the next school board election next spring.

The board could appoint Petelle to fill her own vacancy, if she shows an interest in staying on the board.

The board will also get closer to closing the books on the 2013-14 school year as it's expected to approve an amended budget.

The budget is expected to be $5.7-million in the red. The board was told last month that would be a $400,000 improvement from the preliminary budget filed with the state last August.

Interim Comptroller/Treasurer David Kinney told the board in June going to a self-insured health care plan saved the district some money.

The amended budget has been on public display on the District 150 website and at the district's administration building the past 30 days. It must be filed with the state by the end of the month.

Another set of eyes still needs to look at the 2013-2014 budget. Auditors will examine the district's spending and report to the school board this fall.

The school board is also expected to talk more about the structure of its meetings. The discussion may center on public comment.

Board members have often tried to balance the public's right to address them with the real purpose of their meeting - to conduct the business of the district.

The board has already voted to make both its meetings each month regular board meetings, placing public comment near the start of the session. That does away with regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meetings which had public comment at the end.

The board is also expected to approve a one-year, $50,000 licensing agreement with Carl Cannon for use of his ELITE program information in conjunction with the ELITE program at Trewyn and Harrison Schools.

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