ACLU Explains Lawsuit

The ACLU is explaining its lawsuit agains the City of Peoria concerning the parody (at) Peoria Mayor twitter account.

The home of Jon Daniel (pictured), who created the account, was searched on April 15th after an extensive police investigation. Even though he was never charged with a crime, the ACLU alleges Daniel's First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated in the ordeal. 

During a news conference an ACLU spokesman says while the twitter account contained crude language, none of it was illegal. The spokesman says the police raid on Daniel's home was not only unconstitutional, it "defied common sense," and Mayor Jim Ardis could have addressed the issue himself "without police force."

The ACLU spokesman goes on to say, "No reasonable person would have believed (at) peoriamayor was actually Jim Ardis, that's why it was funny." 

The ACLU claims the search warrants used in the Twitter raid were unfounded and it wants the court to declare Daniel's rights were violated. Any damages would be decided by a jury.

Daniel spoke during the news conference. "I never thought a spur of the moment decision would make me the target of a police investigation."

Daniel said, "Nothing I wrote was trying to make anyone think the mayor was actually saying it. What happened to me was wrong and should not happen to anyone else."

The ACLU goes on to say the rules of Twitter, such as adding the word "parody" to parody accounts, are not the rules of the Constitution.

Mayor Jim Ardis has scheduled his own news conference at 2:00 p.m. Thursday at City Hall.

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